Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sagehen Master Plan.

Here are some fly-throughs of the new Sagehen Master Plan.

This plan is the physical manifestation of the Sagehen Vision that was created in 2005 by the Sagehen Reserve Program Planning Advisory Group to define Sagehen's future. SRPPAG consists of a variety of interested community stakeholders & Sagehen users.

You can download the plan or get more information at "Sagehen News".

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Highway-89 Road Ecology.

Highway-89 Road Ecology. from F. Felix on Vimeo.


This video is Sagehen Summer Speaker Series #19, Sandra Jacobson discussing the Highway-89 Stewardship Team Road Ecology project.

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For full editorial disclosure, see the un-edited source tape here.

See this link for more information about the Highway-89 Stewardship Team & projects.

Here's a 2-part FishXing multi-media presentation from Sandy with more about road ecology. More road ecology P.E.P.'s available here.