Friday, July 28, 2006

Bear research revs up in the Sagehen Experimental Forest.

California Dept. of Fish & Game began a black bear project in the basin this season. Researcher Jennapher Miller and assistants Deniz Kuzio, Caitlin Kroeger, Harry Reynolds, and Charlie Robbins have been scouting out the bear habitat and putting out lasso traps in likely areas. Yesterday, they finally caught one--very exciting!

You can read the abstract for this project on our Calendar page.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Video tour of the Sagehen web-site.

The Sagehen web-site is getting pretty big--over 15,000 files now if you count everything. But you can still get to everything you need from our home page links in only two clicks or less.

Look for the things everybody needs like a map & directions to the station, visit requirements, links to waivers, etc. on our home page in the main text.

If you're having problems finding what you need, open up a browser window to our web-site, then follow along as you watch this video [2.3 MB] to find the way to some of the most useful, popular pages & documents.

Get Sagehen Videos!

This is the new Sagehen Creek Field Station page where you can download video files. These may include helpful reference tools for learning how to navigate our web-site or enter your research metadata; you will also soon find video about science research & education projects underway at the station.

Don't forget that you can also download or listen to our radio podcast.