Thursday, September 06, 2007

KGO-TV ABC 7 News revisits Sagehen, Part II

The Bay Area's ABC affiliate, KGO-TV 7, visited Sagehen last year to report on the new Experimental Forest. Last month they returned for a follow-up.

You can read the second report of this series, ARC Program Helps Teenagers Thrive on the KGO-TV website & use the links below to watch the video.


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

KGO-TV ABC 7 News revisits Sagehen

Last year, KGO-TV--the Bay-area's ABC affiliate--ran a series of spots on the new Sagehen Experimental Forest & various research projects underway. This month, they returned for a follow-up. The first of the stories: Sierra's Experimental Forest Is A Scientist's Dream aired last night. You can watch the segment on the KGO-TV website or use the links below.


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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Why are there so many butterflies around all of a sudden?

UC Berkeley Ph.D. Candidate Ryan Hill explains the sudden appearance of butterflies in the Sierras every spring.

Copyright: 2007, UC Regents


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Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Winter Visit to Sagehen.

Sagehen Creek Field Station is a fully functional winter facility, even though a few things about access are a little different than in the summer season. Watch this video to get a tour of Sagehen in the winter.

Update, 2018: while this video is still quite explanatory and accurate, there have been some important changes at Sagehen.

The climate is shifting. Some years there is little or no snow at the station elevation. We do still get monster snow years, though, so you can't know for sure in advance.

The road is now kept open with a large snowcat, so there are very few days when it's not possible to drive to the facilities with a 2WD vehicle. High clearance helps, but is not mandatory. You should remain flexible in your scheduling, however! If you absolutely must get out in the morning after a storm for a flight, a meeting, or something else, you should plan ahead and leave your vehicle at the highway before the storm hits.

The Outdoor Meeting area in the Upper Camp is now covered with a permanent roof, so it's more useful in the shoulder seasons, or when it rains.

The Library is no longer a computer and GIS lab. It's just a meeting space, now that most people use and bring laptops.

We did add the 3 tall weather towers Jeff mentioned; we also remodeled and updated the Upper Bathhouse and many of the other spaces, but we did not build the Master Plan.

And we lost Buster and Nut, the cats :( Buster vanished, and Nut got old.