Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The Leopold Family Legacy at Sagehen Creek Field Station".

Sagehen recently began working with the Aldo Leopold Foundation to promote the Leopold legacy. This week, we are hosting a number of screenings of their new documentary, "Green Fire".

Why? What is the connection between Aldo Leopold and Sagehen Creek Field Station? Why is the Leopold legacy important?

We created this short documentary to explain.

Here's a passionate review of the video from Sagehen alum, Dwayne Spencer:
"This video captures so much of what's influenced my life it almost makes me cry. Aldo Leopold, father of Wildlife Biology and Wisconsin icon (if you have never read Sand County Almanac, rectify that); Starker Leopold, his son, who brought me to Berkeley to study martens at Sagehen Creek, Dale McCollough, who served on my thesis committee.... Nearly all the people in this video are close, personal friends: Roger Harris, Marty Raphael, Dan Airola, Pete Stine, Jeff Brown.... All the places are friends too: the "fish house," the meadows, Sagehen Creek, Independence Lake, Starkers "lean-to"....

You might all not relate, but if you are at all interested in biology, history, or family... this is good. I'm very proud and happy that my sons know most of these people and places too... They've even helped the famous fisheries biologist Peter Moyle with the long-term sampling of Sagehen Creek that is chronicled herein."

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